Het gelijk van Mohammed Saeed Al-Sahaf

De voormalige minister van informatie van Saddam...

Het blijft lachen met de voormalige woordvoerder van Saddam Hoessein. Achteraf gezien heeft hij toch interessante dingen gezegd.

"My feelings - as usual - we will slaughter them all"

"We will welcome them with bullets and shoes."

"Don't believe them. They are liars"

"They dropped their forces there, and now they are in a trap."

"Faltering forces of infidels cannot just enter a country of 26 million people and lay besiege to them! They are the ones who will find themselves under siege. Therefore, in reality whatever this miserable Rumsfeld has been saying, he was talking about his own forces. Now even the American command is under siege."

"Please, please! The Americans are relying on what I called yesterday a desperate and stupid method."

"They will be burnt. We are going to tackle them"

"We blocked them inside the city. Their rear is blocked"

"Desperate Americans"

Deze man was werkelijk een ziener...

Bekijk HIER een compilatie van zijn hilarische optredens door de tijd heen.

Harold Makaske 8 december 20061616 - Hoofdstuk: 5. Losse gedachten